Please suggest one suitable mixing model to meet following mixing ratio: 80%~90%,10%~20%,5%~10%,1%~5%.

 SGB-600-4-2R would be OK, which has two screw feeders for the two small components. please take note that the SGB can only process granules.

Please suggest one suitable model to meet following application: output: 350kg/hr material and its scale: PET sheet 70%, masterbatch 1-2%, Additive 1-2% and the others is PET raw material. We try processing them by SGB-200-4, but PET sheet  may not drop down normally, please help us solve the problem and suggest one suitable model.

SGB-200-4-2R would be suitable for it (the hoopper for regrinding needs to install a set of bridge-breaking device). According to our test, the output of this model is only 100KG/hour when scale of PET Sheet reaches up to 70%. We recommend SGB-600-4-2R (the hoopper for regrinding needs to install a set of bridge-breaking device), in conjunction with the auto loader SAL-5HP-UG-124 and hopper SHR-6U-S*3 and SHR-24U-S*1(with bridge-breaking device).

Please choose suitable SCM for PE granules. Output of materbatch should be 80kg/h, Filler is 12kg/h and main material is 700kg/h.

 At present, our SCM can't get so big output with 80kg/hr by dosing unit and with 700kg/rh through main unit.

How to choose suitable mixing model of SGB?

Please according to the kinds of plastic and output of per hour and their proportion of mixture to choose the suitable model. The maximum throughput is based on bulk density of the material which is 0.8kg/L when calculating. Augur or micro feed is suitable for ratio between 0.5% and 5%.

How to choose appropriate mixing model of SCM?

The theoretical output of each color (Kg/hr) = the throughput of the IMM (kg) ×additional proportion
The actual output of each color (kg/hr) = the theoretical output (Kg/hr) /bulk density  (kg/l) ×1.2
Please according to the above formula to calculate the actual output of each color  and choose the suitable model.

Notes: when choosing, pay attention to the bulk density and the slice size, so as to ensure the maximum throughput and accuracy.