Central Drying & Dehumidifying

Central Drying and Dehumidifying Systems are used for a large quantity of output capacity and product. The system supports by a good quality of dry air which lowest dew point. The low dry air will be produce by dehumidifier system up to 4000m2/hr and will be larger for custom design system. And the system will be using with close loop system design.

The system will make sure of consistent of product quality, high productivity, elimination of material contamination, etc.

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Central Conveying


With this drying demand and the development on plastic industry, SHINI Group provides a series of secured and reliable drying and dehumidifying technologies for PET molding and other PET product manufacturer.

SHINI Group’s PET system has leading technologies in the industry to meet various application needs.

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Central Mixing & Blending

The system is possible to use either a conventional batch mixer or a continuous blending control system. Particularly for companies with very frequent product changes or with many products that have to be prepared using various of colors and material. And need for cautiously and constant of product quality.

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Central Granulating & Recycling

Develop for large capacity of waste/reject product.

The system applicable for various of plastic material and shape. Central granulator is ready for capacity up to 2400 Kg/hr.

The system could be combining with central conveying, drying and mixing to achieve the effectiveness of production process. And to support the central granulating and recycling, it is could be use conveyor belt with metal detector to prevent metal contamination.

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Central Water Chiller

Central Chiller Systems are designed to circulate the cooling water for process application.

Central chillers can supply temperatures between 5°C to 35°C to several processes/machine at a time refer to the throughout entire plant. These systems are stationary and require a circulating pump station to distribute water to the processes. Central chillers are offered in capacities up to 1.243.600 Kcal/hr.

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Clean Room

Our standard for sterile room is;
1. 10.000 ~ 100.000 dust particles,
2. Relative Humidity 50 ~ 60%
3. Temperature range from 22 ~ 30ºC.
4. The room size we cover is 250 ~ 15.000 cubic meter.
If your needs fall beyond this range, we can customize our design to meet your requirements.

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Customized Design

The customized system develops for many kind of production process in plastic manufacturing.   The system can be adjusted for many kind of production with different of material, color, output capacity, and others.

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