Central Conveying


With this drying demand and the development on plastic industry, SHINI Group provides a series of secured and reliable drying and dehumidifying technologies for PET molding and other PET product manufacturer.

SHINI Group’s PET system has leading technologies in the industry to meet various application needs.

With the PET Central System we ensure that the system will be optimizing for quality of product output. The system will be combined the central conveying system, mixing/blending, crystallizing and drying dehumidifying.


The system will be combining of several auxiliary machine processes. The system could be use to combine of process below;
1. Multi station conveying
2. Central dryer/dehumidifier
3. Multi dryer/dehumidifier system
4. Dosing and mixing process
5. Material handling
6. Material coloring selection
7. Dedusting system
8. Granulating

The system will make sure to control all station for material conveying and will be achieve the consistent of product quality, high productivity, elimination of material contamination, efficiency of material loading, etc.