Model Selection

Chiller requirements: Flow rate 150L/min; Temp Range 10-25 degrees (indoor or outdoor unit); Productivity 30kg/Hour; Dryer requirements: Material PC; output capacity 30kg/hour.

SIC-12.5-P and SCD-160U/120H are suitable.

Can SIC-25W-U-HP and SIC-30W-U-HP chillers meet the following conditions? Flow Pressure > 4 - 6bar temperature gap ΔT: 1〜1.5℃

Our chillers can meet Point 1 but point 2. Because they are controlled by switch control system, the controlling accuracy can not ensure within 1〜1.5℃.

Our requirements for a water chiller are Inlet Water Temp.40-45℃ and outlet temp 10-15℃ and water flow 250 L/min at 3 bar.

SIC-25W-HP is available. when use it, please fully open the by pass valve between the water inlet and outlet.

How to select the appropriate molder and chiller?

Formula of model selection:
Whether heating or cooling, the formula of model selection for most of equipments is same:
C stands for specific heat of objects, the unit is kcal/kg•℃
M stands for weight of objects,the unit is kg/hr.
△t means temperature gap between setting temperature and present temperature.
S denotes safety factor whose value always is in 1.3~1.5.

Operational Doubts

We need your suggestion for correlation between ambient temperatures and cooling capacity. Catalog said that our chiller refrigeration capacity tested under the condition that cold water outlet is at 12℃and ambient temperature is at 30℃. how much reduction of cooling capacity if ambient temperature increase 1℃. Do you have any formula to calculate it? Please inform us.

In the catalog, there is experiment data tested under the standard working condition, but there must exist some error. We haven’t to test how much reduction of cooling capacity every 1℃ambient temperature increase.

Please help us calculate and estimate the cooling capacity of cooling tower and capacity of water tank, please send us the formula or programme.

The unit of cooling tower is RT, (1RT=3024Kcal/hr).the cooling capacity of cooling tower equals to the chiller’s. Considering the environment, it is needed to increase the safety factor with 1.5 times.
When choosing chiller water tank, you should think about the sizes and length of pipes in cooling system and water should enough filled the pipes.
Experience: usually choose three times of the chiller pump flow rate per minute (three minutes flow of the water pump is the capacity of water tank). Generally it should at least equals to flow of water pump in 1min.

Trouble Shooting

STM-607W suddenly turn down the water pump and heater when it was running for 3-4 minutes, after 2-3s,it would restart it. Is there something wrong with it? How to do with it?

The water pump should not stop. The system heater would switch on/off frequently when the temperature reaches up to the setting value.
Maybe the problem was resulted from PCB, please replace it.


How to clean the condensor of the SIC-5W-PU?

Please following method below to clean the condenser:
1.Disassemble both side cover;
2.Clean the copper pipes one by one by using special brush and abluent which should be no corrosion;
3.Washing pipes completely by water;
4.Assemble the covers.

How to solve the fault of high-pressure alarm for SIC-15W?

The reasons causing the situation are that the supply water of the condenser is not enough or dry filter is plugged. Please check if there is some problem in the water supply system inside the company, and then replace the dry filter. If alarm still exists, please clean condenser.

Other Issues

How to connect two SICC-A main units? May I change it if I need a smaller capacity?

It can be docking directly on structure by refering to manual. There is a port in control box which connects it to the main modules, it can be referred to circuit diagram. There are three types of chiller: SICC-60A/SICC-90A/SICC-120A ,they can be combined freely upon one’s requirements, and the maximum is 15.