Model Selection

Can SMD reduce room humidify and the Moisture Content of meterial inside the room?

It is Common to dehumidify the room by the air-condition system. SMD Mold Sweat Dehumidifiers can not meet the needs of large space. It is designed for the inhibition of moisture from condensing on the mould surface. You can choose the right machine according the capacity of Molding machine and the temperature of the chilled water. Refer to the Specifications on the Content.

Can SD-150H meet the following requirement for 680g/70's for ABS FR Material? What is the difference between the hopper dryer and honeycomb dehumidifier for the above material?

You can choose the SCD-160U/120H which includes dehumidifying,drying and conveying functions. The SHD-160U is available if the material need not to be dehumidified. High temperature drying effect would be affected by surrounding humidity except for cold area, such as northern in China, but the dyring effect of dehumidifiers could not. The water content of plastic particles which was dried by SCD or SDD can reach down to 0.02%.

Some queries about the SCAD-12U: How many pounds or KG per hour of Nylon can it process? Does it have honeycomb desiccant or other material? Can the customer run the unit without the hopper filter (mounted at top?)

The capacity of hopper of the SCAD-12U is 12L which can contain about 7 kg Nylon.
The series of SCAD have no dehumidifying and drying devices, it uses the pressure dew-point of high-pressure air when it released into the atmosphere to reduce dew-point value. For example, high-pressure air 0.59MPa, 20,when it releases into the atmosphere ,its dew-point is -7.7. The dew-point value of the series of SCAD is about -5°C~-10°C
There is exhaust air filter in the outlet to protect discharged dust from air pollution.

I need a quotation of dehumidifying drying and mould sweat dehumidifying, for PET preform use, capacity of 350kg/hr

Dehumidifying and drying system: SD-1500H+SHD-3000U+FSU-2500+ACF-6" (6” stainless steel pipe is available if need to connect to each other by metal pipes)
Mould sweat dehumidifier: SMD-1500H.

How to choose the suitable dryer?

Drying hopper capacity (kg) = output (kg/hr) ×drying time (hr)
Actual drying hopper capacity kg= drying hopper capacity (kg) ×1.2(safety factor)
Notes: The hopper capacity of SHD series is calculated by the material density of 0.65kg/L. If there are some differences in customer’s material density, hopper capacity should be adjusted proportionally. SHD-U series’ hopper capacity is calculated by unit liter, if the unit of needed output is kg/hr, it is needed to switch the unit into capacity unit (L).

How to select appropriate model of dehumidifier?

The model selection is in accordance with two important parameters: needed air flow per unit time per weight and output per unit of drying material.
Meaning of each code:
Q—air flow per unit time (Nm3/hr)
W—output per unit time (kg/hr)
q—drying air flow per unit time per weight (Nm3/kg-hr)
The result figured out through the above formula is needed drying air flow per unit time, which should be less than air flow that the SD-H can provides.
Operational Doubts

Regenerative temperature of SCD is always going down considerably before getting on every time. The HYSTERESIS Setting may be causing the problem. How to change the HYSTERESIS settings as well as the PID setting of the unit?

The PID parameter of drying temperature suggests to restore with factory settings.

How much is the distance from the material discharging port of SCD 900U/700H to the floor?

It is about 475mm.

The SD dryers regen temp is 330F. Can the regen temperature be set higher?

Unlock the temp controller to adjust the temp.
Regen temp was divided into two types before: H4 is 160°C 320F and H5 is 180°C 356F.
Trouble Shooting

SMD-1000H appears the Error code E-04 and it means: " EGO CUTS OFF THE HEATER POWERWHEN IT IS OVERHEATING."

There are two possible causes to result in E-04 Alarm: runner fault or EGO over temperature alarm. Please check them if appear E-04 Alarm.

The dew-point of SCD-80U/50H-D can not reach down to -40, It is only at -10. After increasing the water flow and cleaning the filters, nothing changes.

Please pay attention to confirm whether the surrounding air enter into the system. You can observe the change of dewpoint when the inlet of dehumidifier connects directly to its outlet.
Check the return air temp, usually it is lower than35℃.
Check the pipeline whether there is gas leakage.
Check the dew point sensor and monitor if they are broken.

I have some problem about SMD. It is having an alarm of over heating, after shutting down the unit for 15 minutes, the problem gone. We already changed the thermocouple from the other unit but still have the problem.

Maybe contact of the contactor was welded, which lead the heater run continuously, therefor the temperature exceeds the setting value of EGO and the alarm happens.
If the transformer and electric contractor is broken, they can be changed under warranty.

Customer is using the SCD for one of the PET Preform machine and now have added second PET Preform injection machine. Check the possibility if we can use this SCD for the two machines simultaneously?

It is impossible for changing on the original machine. We should be change electric part and mechanism part. Because the machine, which with three conveying, is controlled by PLC and touch-screen.
For this situation, we suggest the custom buy SAL-900G2 with SVH-12L, and a SBU-160-38D to finish the above-mentioned function. When using, just run vacuum hopper on the SCD and close the SVH on SCD and shut-off value. Please refer to the usage of SAL-900G2

Other Issued

What parts should be needed if custom want to order 1 SD-120H and 2 SHD-80U connect together for 3 machines?

SHD-80U can be directly mounted on the inlet of molding machine. It is needed to equip with following parts if SHD-80U stands floor.
SD-120H 1to 2 T-shaped inlet and outlet 2.5"--2"PT---2PCS
2" ball valve 4PCS
2"*3.6meter long heated air pipe 4PCS,length depend on the distance of machine
2" stainless steel tube bank--- 4PCS
SHD-80U inlet fiange2"---2PCS
2.5" stainless steel pipe connector---2PCS
If customer wants to use one machine for two molding machines, either SDD-160U/120H without conveying or SCD-160U/120H+M2 with conveying function is available.