Experience Sharing: Successful Application of Central Conveying System

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There is a Technology Group in Shenzhen specialized in computer, communication and consumer electronics. It is one of the high-tech corporations and the largest manufacturers around the world.

One department of injection molding under the business division has newly added equipments, thus they decided to adopt central conveying instead of single loaders to achieve high efficiency and reduce cost. In September, 2010, they purchased central conveying system from Shini.

Technical parameters

  • Material varieties: ABS virgin material
  • Material handling: drying is necessary, bulk density is 0.65kg/L. Number of injection molding machine: 67, each output is 25kg/L and total amount is 1675kg/L.
  • Pipeline: one molding machine with one material pipe, air suction straight pipe, elbow pipe and straight pipe elbow adopts 201# stainless steel.

Planning description

There are 67 molding machines altogether and seven sectors, each sector with output from 225 to 275kg/hr. One blower in each sector, which means that one major air pipe is adopted, and three "1 for 24" central control stations are used for central controlling. There are 67 storage hoppers in material ware-house for feeding. Storage hoppers vacuum generator starts to run and vacuum separate valve opens, then vacuum pumping begins with pipeline connection. Meanwhile, pneumatic shut-off suction box at bottom of SeD will open and material starts to discharge. Photo-sensors hopper of all molding machine starts to load material, when one photo-sensor hopper finishes loading, system will shift to next photo-sensor hopper for loading.

The central conveying system has been completed and put into service in November, 2010. The introduction of system realizes the automation of molding workshop and promotes production efficiency, as well as reduces costs. Equipments like hopper and dryer are placed in material warehouse to make workshop compact and in an array.