PT. Benua Kencana Makmur is a team which each team member is committed passionately and consistently assisting customers to achieve their goals.

We are focusing on particular business by providing complete range of auxiliary products from drying and dehumidifying, feeding and conveying, dosing and mixing, heating and cooling, granulating/recycling & belt conveyor, and especially systematic conveying solution.

Each member of PT. BKM is committing to practice positive thinking and doing positive attitude along with gratitude and positive feeling as their indicator to achieve their personal, business and customers’ goals.

We aim at serving and helping plastic manufacturers which have strong fundamental, focus on improving efficiency of production, have specific, measurable and achievable company’s goal,  have true purpose, values and vision, and understand the value of the benefits and services of the product instead of the price itself.

We are confident with our uniqueness by delivering the right product with international reputation and additional value makes us stand out among others in the same business, and you can benefit from it.  You will not only gain profit but also create abundance of prosperity.

Our company culture based on H.E.A.R.T.


   We are honest with ourselves, others and God.


   We are investing ourselves with the right knowledge to build better future and to help others build theirs.


   We finish what we started as promised with great results and sense of accomplishment.


    Self-awareness for all responsibilities that we have taken both in social responsibility and all aspects of business conduct.


    Diversity of each member makes us even stronger and more complete as a TEAM (Together Everyone with different personalities will Achieve More).